STOLEN! 1985 Buick Grand National - Tacoma, WA


Dec 13, 2013
From GN Northwest:

- ATTENTION - APB out for our beloved "New York" STOLEN from Tacoma Wa. this week! It's a fully converted 1985 GN running the 87 powertrain flying New York License plates # GAJ-1365. Identifying features: still has the chrome 85 grill, has the Torq Thrust wheels on all the way around with the drag radial on rims in truck/back seat, lowered with coil overs, smoked tail lights, the rear bumper fillers are in cracked and in bad shape, under hood is very clean and was last seen with Fuzzy Dice hanging from the rear view mirror. If anyone spots this car please call 911. Thanks! GN Northwest


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That sucks.

These cars are like kids.

You can’t turn your back on em.

Not even for a second!

Good luck.

So messed up.

Keep us updated.

I spammed this all over the place and now have it posted on the front page of Jalopnik, the Grand National Facebook, and my local Cars & Coffee.

Its at least a lot more eyes looking for it.
I saw. Thank you. I e-mailed Matt Hardigree last night. I sent messages to Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire, and the boys from HotRod. The more people put word out, the harder it will be to part the car out.
Nothing. Still fighting with the building manager to get copies of the security footage for the police. The police don't care enough to even call them. They're making me do all the leg work. The manager is complaining about the size of the files, and how long it will take. I'm getting close to going belt-fed on him.

He had the nerve to ask, "What are the cops going to do, anyway? Just file it away . . . " I almost choked him.
Seriously?!?! What an asshole. I would of had a very hard time restraining myself as well. Was it inside when stolen? Kinda weird he doesn't want to cooperate.
The dvrs that my company uses have very quick retreival methods. Even video footages lastings 20 minutes dont take long to download, seconds. Either that owner doesnt have footage (lack of maintenace or shoddy cameras) or he put those things up himself scared that he needed a permit or something. Sometimes people dont want to give up footage because it may something that that they were not supposed to be looking at.
He more or less admitted he just didn't want to spend the time to burn so many CDs. The footage only burns to CD, it won't write a DVD. I've already got the lawyer on them. If that footage records over and is gone, they're fucked. They have a legal obligation to preserve physical evidence of a crime.