Stolen 85


Jan 23, 2002
Hey I was just curious, i just ran a carfax report on my 85 that was stolen in 2000.. the car did not have a title re- issue on it. The car fax report says that car was titled or registered after it was stolen, what does that mean... The title numbers are the same but the end digits are different. The reason i ask is because i have the renew registration form from 2000 sitting in front of me and it has the 02 LA at the end of it. I am beyond confused.. Did someone re - title the car....... ERRRRRRRRrr help
if anyone wants to look,

vin is 1g4gk4799fh436100

owners card was in car when it was stolen

DMV has no record of it being stolen

car was bought in 1998 and stolen in march of 99, so it never was re-registered by me..