STOLEN 87 GN Astroroof Warminster PA 1G4GJ1174HP451458

Anthony P

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Jan 24, 2007
In Kirban's InnerCircle email received this afternoon, Dennis noted the 87 GN CF5 optioned car for sale at O'Neill Buick GMC - he's been talking about it for a couple of weeks now - was stolen from inside the dealership Sunday night, Dec 16th.

Surprised Dennis has not posted this yet or even anyone else. GN was stolen Sunday night, it's now Wednesday night and this is the first word of it?

....from the December 19, 2018 InnerCircle with the text copied below.


A few hours ago, I got a personal phone call from Mike O'Neil owner of O'Neil Buick/GMC in nearby Warminster. PA.

The 1987 Grand National with 59,000 miles and factory astroroof was stolen from inside their dealership this past Sunday night. Somehow the alarm did not get activated where the car was stored. The Grand National was the only vehicle taken from the dealership.

The VIN number is 1G4GJ1174HP451458. Please post this info on any various groups you may belong to on Facebook or any Turbo Regal group. This is one of just a about 200 that have the trunk ID SPID decal signed by Molly. Please let me know if you hear anything."

the window for locating a car 3 days later is closing really security alarms activated sounds like an inside job or some real pro's scoping out the dealership in recent days...
I was not near a computer most of today and only found out about it just prior to my weekly inner circle going out. My thinking is for someone to take such a major risk the thieves plan to revin the car but who knows. The only door broken was the door where the GN was sitting. According to Mike they had several people there Saturday looking at the car and that may have been the trigger.

It's a shame....still happens. I member years ago friend of mine advertised his low mileage GN for sale and someone came looked at it and came back later that nite and stole it. Another case guy had his pick up truck behind the GN and they moved the truck to steal the GN.

Mike had cameras set up so the police are reviewing all the footage. This was one of just about 200 that has the signed by Molly SPID decal.

Knock on wood all the cars I bought and sold never had any issues and I had several stashed at my neighbors house during the winter when they were in Florida.

Can never be too careful especially if you are selling your car.
That's hard to hear.

In '96 my '86 GN was stolen from my driveway. They moved my wife's car to get to it. My dog's, who barked at the drop of a pin, made no noise at all. Never a trace was found......... Now I don't have the car, the dog's or the wife anymore..... Not all of that is bad news, though........

Here's wishing he gets it back!
Let's hope for the best but I believe that putting this information out a lot quicker would of helped with a recovering. Good lesson here get the info out as quick as possible cuz as time goes by there's less Trail. So sorry to hear and I will step up my security
I hate hearing about stuff like this and I do hope that the authorities recover the car.