stolen WH1 Buick

What year , not familiar with VIN # decoding .
stock wheels ?
Any pictures ?
That really sucks, hope your able to locate it and the a hole who took it gets what he deserves.

Thats not an easy car to replace
This is the only photo that I have of it on my phone. It either had the stock wheels on it at the time, or the ones shown in the photo below.
Mike, It might be too early in the insurance process to post this, but wanted you to see this.

As Dan noted, yours is 1 of 463. Sadly, I have my own doubts that after a few months the car won't be recovered. If you were thinking of a replacement. an '86 WH1 was posted for sale on the facebook private group "Buick Grand National and T-type parts for sale or wanted" four days ago. VIN ending in GP215799. It's a wonderful, bone stock example WH1 but with an all Black repaint.

Car is located in Pittsboro, NC. it's painted all black. tons of paperwork including original selling documents from dealership, odometer declaration of 20 miles when sold, etc. detailed undercarriage with re-applied factory paint markings.

Seller Brian R. notes 94 out of 95 RPO codes; CF5 astroroof option; 45/45 leather split bench seat; Billy Anderson's shop in MD has gone over the car. 93K miles, asking $33,500. if you were looking for another one, I thought this was a nice example.

maybe the insurance agreed value claim has been processed and accepted. Since there are not a lot of WH1's, thought I'd share this other '86 WH1 is listed for sale in your state. didn't want to clog up your thread with big are just a few from Brian's FS listing...


There are pics of the SPID and build sheet from the DS door. didn't want to post them as the f*book group is a private group and this forum is open for all to see. Depending upon your interest in another WH1, wanted you to at least see that this example is available. I do not know the seller - only intent is to show another '86 WH1 as a possible replacement is for sale in the OP's state of NC.