Stories about your first experience with a Turbo Regal?

Saw a whole Gang of them along with TTA's at New england dragway on street night.. Every one was FAST.

I test drove a HOT AIR & it was a DOG!
Next test drive was an Intercooled at a Dealer
I never expected the turbo to kick in that hard & had the sales man hanging on. :D
I had wide brim smile on my face:cool:
I was 18 years old and I just bought a 1986 Monte Carlo SS. I thought that was a pretty bitchin ride T-tops, killer stereo, etc.. Well one Friday night I was crusin' through town in my SS and I see this Black Buick behind me and it just sounded different.. You all know the turbo drone. So I pull over and flag this guy down and ask him what's in for a motor..

He pulls up along side of me and then I see the hood emblems that say 3.8 SFI Turbo. Ah, my 305 should take this thing.. It's only a V-6..:D So I challenged him to a race for the hell of it. Well you all know what just happened here after I challenged him to a race....:eek: By the time my car wound up through 1st gear, he was about 4 car lengths ahead of me.. And just kept pulling farther away... I was like WOW, that thing can't be a V-6! So we go back into town and then he opened the hood... I was sold.

I asked the guy do you want to sell it?? He said $9,000.00 went to the bank the next day and I bought it!!!

I was hooked....

Famous last words: IT'S ONLY A V-6, my little 305 could take it!! YEAH RIGHT!;)
I bought my 1st GN new off the showroom floor.

It had T-Tops.

Shake, rattle, deflect, whistle, blow.

I sold it as soon as I could, a few months later...

I was in college driving an 84 Supra and a friend of a friend came down from Vanderbilt for the weekend. Turns out he is driving an 86 GN. I'd never seen one before, but knew what they were and convinced him to take me for a ride so he did. We drove along for a couple miles and he told me little about the car and we came to red light and pulled up behind a 5.0 Mustang and an IROC Camaro who were waiting on the light to change so they could run. As the lights for the cross traffic turned yellow my new best friend started power braking the GN and I remember hearing a whistle just before the light changed. The Mustang and the Camaro took off and we passed them WHILE they were racing. I've ridden in 427 Corvettes, 911 turbo's, and have never since felt that power....until I bought my 87 GN.
when my dad originally bought my GN in 1997 (when I was in 8th grade in HS)...I started driving it around and actually got the car off of him when I was 16...I drove it all through-out high school...I would always get these random people coming up to me when I got gas at the gas stations saying "wow nice car...those things are FAST" or "is it for sale?" I always wondered why people did that to me all the first I just drove my car like an everyday driver and didn't think anything of it...NEVER even went WOT with it...didn't know the history behind it or ANYTHING...

finally my junior year, somebody comes up to me and shows me some magazine article comparing the GN to the corvette (back in 87) and it said the GN was the fastest production car made in the 80's era...i was like HUH? faster than a corvette??? can't be! one day i decided to get on it scared the **** out of me how fast the car went (this was in the winter when it was 15 degrees out)...then i was convinced that i had something special...i can still remember the first time i heard that turbo sing:D

my senior year, everyone wanted to race me...i never lost a race...i had the fastest car in HS...and my car was bone stock to the air box...

then after i graduated i discovered and both buick messageboards and started learning the true history behind these cars...needless to say i was hooked:)
I was crusing down telegraph in MI, looking for trouble as usual in my 85 IROC, 355, gears, drag set up, mean ass car.

I was strolling along and I came up on this limo tinted GN, quiet as a mouse. I figured he was stock and i stabbed it a couple times, letting him know I was there. we both hit it, then...

the loudest, meanest whine I ever heard..

needless to say he left me in a heart beat.

get to the light he puts the window down to reveal a nice black 8 point.

Never found out what he was rrunning, should have.
I've seen them at NED and heard about them for years but never had much interest in them. I worked on my T/A for a long time. I got more tired of it and sick of the noise. Littlesixsteve trades his GTO for a GN. I go for a ride and am impressed. He lets me drive it. I get about 5lbs boost and whoosh! I decided right then I wanted one. Jumped the gun and bought a T before I sold the T/A. T/A eats distributor gear and engine has to come out. Fixed it, sold it. Now I can enjoy a nice easy ride with a real trunk, overdrive for highway, gets way better gas mileage than the T/A and best of all its FASTER!
A friend of mine in high school got a brand new 85 GN (now mine) as an early graduation present and I thought it was the coolest thing. Never got to ride in it or race it. Fast forward to 1988, and we were out at the illegal drags and I see this 87 GN show up. Went over and introduced myself and asked all sorts of questions. It was bone stock and had air shocks in the back. I asked him if he wanted to run it and he said "sure, whatcha got?" I pointed to my monza and he said "no thanks". I was very disapointed but I would have beat him anyway. I was running 13.24@108 on street tires at the time and he wound up running a friend who was in the low 14's and beat him by a fender. MAN, I wanted to help him with that car in exchange for a test drive.:D
when i was 8, my neighbor had an 86 GN with t-tops. He used to take me for rides in it and then when i was 14, i met a guy who is board memeber here and he let me drive his GN and a bunch of my friends saw me driving it. I was in love with GN's since i was 8 and always told my friends while growing up that i would get one some day and they never believd me. I worked my ass off and bought a sweet 87 w/ t-tops w. 52k when i graduated high school at 18. I'm 22 now and I could never picture myself getting rid of it.
I was 7 years old in 1987 and went to the Buick dealer w/my Dad to look at new cars. He wanted to trade in there Z28 so he took the only GN they had at the dealer for a ride. They pulled it off the showroom floor so he could test drive it. We went down the street me in the back seat and the guy from the dealership sitting shotgun. My dad left the stop foot halfway to the floor & said this thing hauls A%$ for a 6 cylinder! As the sales mens saying ok thats enough. Since my Mom was going to be the primary driver for it she then drove it & said she did't like it because it had too much power. My dad then tried to con her into a Turbo T but she did't fall for it.
Anyways long story short I was hooked on them since that ride in 87 and I was finally able to buy my first TR at the age of 19 an 87 GN in May of 2000 I have since done a semi restoration on it & last year Jan 6, 03 I bought another turbo buick my 86 T-Type which I am almost done restoring..........:)


86 T-Type pics
In 1984 I was in the market for a new car. I had been a fan of the older turbo Buicks especially the Regal Sport Coupe and later the '83 Regal T-Type. I drove to the local Buick dealership and had seen an '84 Grand National parked sort of in the back and asked whose it was. It turns out it belonged to the dealer's son as it was his "demo". The car was loaded and had T-roofs, and had the awesome Lear Siegler buckets. After speaking with the owner, I managed to get a ride in the car. He wouldn't let me drive it. As a side note, the car had a strange pin-stripe combo on it, purple and grey. After talking with the dealer and getting some pricing, I realized it was out of my league. $15,800 was a lot of money back then for a 21 year old just out of community college.
I set my sights on a brand new '84 Monte SS in the seldom-seen dark blue with blue buckets. I had ordered the car with some nice options and G80 posi rear at the top of the list. That car stickered at $12,800 and I was a happy camper.

Fast forward to November 1985. I get the itch for the Buick GN. The car was still unheard of and car mags hadn't tested them yet. February 1986 I trade in my year-and-a-half old SS and drove home in a t-top GN with white letter tires. I took a beating on the SS but it was well worth it!

Any other "old-timers" who bought their car new? :cool:
In 93 I was seventeen working at the local grocery store. Bringing in buggies one day a notice this awesome looking black car. I thought it was a cutlass at the time that was customized. I never heard of a Grand National at the time. My focus was on a Monte Carlo SS. Well a few weeks later I see the car parked out front again and a beutiful young woman gets out of the car with her father (Who later becomes my wife). I stare in awe at her and the car. Well me and her get together down the road and while we were dating and I found out about GN's. I could not believe they were faster then a vette. Remember this is in 93. Her father takes us out one night to the local monster car truck show and me and her are in the back seat. Well her father decides to step on it. We immedialy are glued to the back seat and I hear that now famous turbo whine and I was HOOKED!! I loved the way the dash lit up when the turbo kicked in how stealthy the gn was. Every time I have seen a turbo regal since then I wanted one. Well there is a few turbo regal guys in my area so I learned all I could about them from these guys. One guy in particular is a moderator on this board "BOBTEMPEST" who helped me alot with these cars and I wound up buying an 87 Turbo T in 2002. I now look forward to the 2004 gs nationals that I would like to attend and get a chance to show off mine.
Originally posted by d0n_3d
...NEVER even went WOT with it...didn't know the history behind it or ANYTHING...

WHAT!?!?!?!?!? how couldn't you even by accident.

2 minutes after i got my car, no plates or insurence, i sat at the corner infront of my house, lit up the tires and blasted down the street so fast everything was a blur(new to fast cars at the time)

very responsible kid i guess...
I had just gotten divorced and wanted to get rid of the S-10 blazer the X stuck me with. Was interested in a MC-SS when my buddys said that you want a GN, it will blow the doors off of that Chevy. So off to a Buick dealer that still had 2 GNs left, one with Ts and one without ( it was May of 88 ) I picked up the T top one 2 days later and on my way home on the freeway I had to pass a van so I punched it ( cause I was used to drivin that 2.8 v6 blazer with absolutely NO power ) and that thing took off so fast I had to jerk the wheel to keep from runnin into the back of that van. I was like WOW and was covered with goose bumps with amazement from all that power. I was hooked right then and said to myself before I ever got home, I am NEVER selling this car. :D
I still own the same GN.
Tarey D.
Is there a pattern here???

OK.. here goes my story. Before I start... I don't want to hear anything about women's lib or woman can't drive or anything like that. Don't want to hijack this thread.

OK.. there's nothing too exciting about buying my car. First time I saw a GN was in the mall parking lot. I knew somewhat about them, but didn't know the specifics. Sure enough I asked the driver who parked ALL the way at the end of the lot about his car. Chip, rear, times, etc. I was probably 15 or 16 at the time.

My first car was a late 70s LeMans. I loved that car. It had a V8, but nothing spectacular, just a nice rumble. So, I had that car for a few years. When I was 18 years old I had a bad accident with that car. That accident was caused by a woman stopping on the highway for a dog. Well, I needed another car anyways because my g/f needed a car.(I put the Pontiac back together and let her drive that) So, I started looking for cars. The GN was on my list. Sure enough I went to look at one and bought it after the test drive. Didn't really get into it on the test drive.

Fast forward a bit. Girlfriend has had her driver's license for 6 months or so and was really doing well with her work, school and everything else. (That's another long story). So, one Friday afternoon I suggested she take the GN out, go pick up her best friend and have a 'girls day out'. Well, when she came home at 4pm she had some bad news for me. She wrecked the GN. Front bumper, passengers side door, underside. She beached it on a wood pile after she lost control.

So, the car had to be 'mended'. Fast forward, several months later. Different girl I was trying to date. Well, we were leaving after one of our first 'dates'. Our cars were parked next to each other. As I was pulling straight out of my parking space she backs into my car. Driver's side door and fender. Once again, the car had to be mended. Heck of a way to get a phone number.

Who's keeping count of how many times I've had a wrecked with or by a woman??

Fast forward. Several years later. The nationals in Columbus, Ohio. I needed to run to the store before the track opened up so I left my hotel and no further then 1/2 mile from the hotel, I was going thru an intersection; broad daylight, doing the speed limit, and a woman pulls out in front of me from the opposite direction at the last second. Front clip, passengers side fender, slight damage to the hood.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this GN and it sits in storage waiting for me to come back from Germany. But I swear it's the most cursed automobile I've ever driven when it comes to women.

Sorry for the long story... but it's the best I could do.
When I was 15 it was actually my girlfriend who told me she wanted a GN and I was like "a Grand-what?", but when she showed me a picture of one in the Auto Trader, that was the most beautiful car I had ever seen....but I told her it was a bunch of bull that the guy wanted around 15k for it. She said,'well, I heard they're quiker than ****.'

From 15 untill 18 I talked constantly about gettin' a GN. I wanted one based entirely on looks, even though I had heard how powerful they were I just figured, 'Bonus! But that's not why I want one.' In early '95 (I was 18) I started shopping for one and I got a ride from a potential seller in his '86 GN. This was the first time I had ever been in one, so I was really excited. He didn't speed at all, but he put 'er down from 0 up to a lousy 30 mph and it pinned me to the seat like I had never felt! I was speaking gibberish for about an hour. Two months later, I saw an '87 GN parked and I put a note under his wiper that simply said, "I am buying this car.-Sylvan 555-5555" He called me a day or two later and by the end of the month I owned a gorgeous '87 GN.

The night I bought it, I went out on Main St. (Friday night) and thought I'd try and race a few cars........two hours later and I'm undefeated! I couldn't believe that I was on top of the pile on a Friday night.

It was that same night that I probably felt cooler than I ever will buddy and I, after alot of stoplight fun, decided to pull into the grocery store parking lot where everybody had their hot rods parked. With the windows down, we drove into the lot and there was a ring of about 15 or 20 girls all huddled we pull by, one of the girls turns around, sees us, and flips back toward the others and (loudly) whispers, "That's the car!" and all of them turn to look at us. My friend and I grinned from ear to ear.....

It'll never get that good again.
When I turned 16 I was the recipient of a 86 3.8 n/a Regal. I was happy to just have a car so it didnt' matter to me, but I put rims on it and tinted the windows and enjoyed the car. Anyways, I knew of the Grand Nationals and T-types but they were too expensive. Plus, I wanted an old Mustang first. Anyways, I was buying a CD at the store and looked out the window and saw a Grand National pull out into traffic and get sideways going down the road. It was way cool! I wanted one, and I wanted my car to be that fast. My car wasn't going to be that fast unless dropped from an airplane so I just drove it throughout college and it was a very good car. When it was nearing it's end I decided to give it free to my brother so he could fix it and drive it when he turned 16. Well, he ended up rolling the car into a ditch and totalling it. I was out of college now and I missed having that car so I started thinking about a Grand National. I was bored one day and searched and found this website. After reading all the "propaganda" I was hooked. :p