Storing a car


TRs on the Brain
May 25, 2001
I'm starting to look into storing a car (most likely the Mustang and not the GN but who knows) as my mom needs a spot in the garage and I'll be out of the country from Feb-June. I'm trying to find a friend with extra garage space but since that's not coming along well I'm looking into a self-storage place. Has anyone ever dealt with one of these to store a car? What was your experience like? re there state laws that spell out what kind of responsibilities like liability (theft, fire, etc.), access to the storage unit, conditions, etc the place has or does it vary from place to place? Anyone know of a fair price to pay? Anyone have a better idea for storage options? Thanks in advance.

I would leave insurance on the car ... that way IF somethin happeneds you are not chasin 10 people tryin to collect $$$ ...feb-june isnt that bad . good luck with it ....
I have my GN in self storage its a 10 by 20 unit I believe, and when I drive the car my Suburban fits in its place :confused:
I pay $135 a month and its gated and has a passcode to get in
the closer you get to NYC, the more expensive it will be trust me I shopped around its double the price near my house also find out
details on the place I found the size for the car was difficult to find but you might get lucky - good luck e-mail me with any questions -