storing your car


high on gas fumes
Sep 21, 2003
My question isnt particular to Grand Nationals, rather to a Ford Ranger truck. I am looking for tips on storing/preserving my vechicle so it doesnt "fall apart" while not being driven. My vechicles are outside exposed to all of natures elements. I drive them atleast once a month making sure to top off all fluids before the drive, and letting the engine reach operating temperature before parking them. So far, Ive got sunshades in all of the windshields, and I made cardboard cutouts to stick in the side windows to keep the heat out of the cab, and to prevent interior fading. I have nothing on the rear window because Ive got 5% tint on them all. I dont have a decent paint job on any of my trucks, so paint protection isnt a concern. I try to keep all tires properly inflated at 35psi.
Do you have any suggestions for me? Better yet, what do you do the preserve your car when in storage? Thanks for your input!
I heard of puttin baking soda(ithink) on a dish inside interior to help with stangnant air. Have no idea if it really works.