Street Heat Downpipe kit special!!!!!

Tig Masters LLC

Jul 13, 2007
We have decided to run a one time special on our 3" SS Street Heat Downpipe kit. The one time offer price on our downpipe kit is $375.00 plus $25.00 UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states only.

Here is the information about this kit.

100% Made in the USA, utilizing 304 Stainless Steel 3" OD mandrel bent tubing. This pipe has been specifically designed for use on 1986-1987 Buick V6 Turbo engines, when running Stock OEM or aftermarket Poston headers. This downpipe is currently the only downpipe on the market that was specifically designed to clear and match perfectly turbos that are equipped with the GTQ turbine wheel. Previous downpipes in the past have a lip that hangs over into the exhaust stream and causes extreme turbulence and back pressure issues. Which would require the end user to grind and port the flange when running a GTQ equipped turbocharger. Not anymore! Our downpipe was designed to be the highest flowing 3" downpipe on the market, with very close attention to detail in fitment and quality. The pipe kit will include a matching 3" dump pipe with block off cap, grade 8 bolts with wing nuts and lock washers, Stainless Steel lap joint style band clamp and Stainless Steel hex head cap bolts and hex wrench. Note: The dump pipe that is included with this kit, is for Off Road Use Only.









Some of you may recognize this car. It belongs to Patrick Rubio. Patrick was kind enough to let us use his car during our development of this pipe kit. Careful attention was paid to clearance and fitment issues. Especially concerning the heater box heat shield, the passengers side header, the a-arm, the floor pan / firewall seam and the frame rail. During our development time, his car had stock headers, a TE-60R turbocharger and the original 98k mile stock motor mounts. The bolt holes on the downpipe flange were intensionally made larger than the bolts used to attach the pipe to the turbo, so that you can position the pipe for proper clearancing, before tightening up the bolts.
Either give us a call at #219-226-9651 to place an order, or reply to this post. PayPal accepted, our PP address is .
Thanks for viewing.

Dave Reder
Owner and Founder of Tig Masters LLC
Will this work with my set up?

Until the end of Sept.

I have a brand new limited engineering GT6131. I tried to use the stock elbow and down pipe and could not spool because the puck is offset. I'm wondering if your DP and puck will match up with my turbo. I need boost. Please help!
Dave, I talked to you at Osceola and would like to purchase the downdpipe etc......I'll call the number in the post tomorrow to setup payment.

Looks well thought out and is made in the USA. Nice!