Stubborn PR Valve!


Finally got around to messing with this tranny again. I took the VB and everything else off and then tried to get the PR valve out. It just refuses to drop. I tried leaving the clip off, put the filter back in, the pan and some fluid and cranked the engine. Still wouldnt come down. What is the trick?
Dont tell me, the pump wont build up pressure to pop the valve assembly out without the VB installed? I hope that isnt the case, and someone has another good idea about getting it out.
I tried shifting, but no use it wouldnt change gears. I guess because the VB isnt there to connect to the manual vavle?
The valve will travel past where the clip sits and then get hung up. Should I try using something to debur that area? If so what? Or do I have no choice but to reassemble the VB again?
You won't make pressure without a valve body. Try taking a small sharp pocket knife and scraping off the burr where the snap ring rides. Then take a punch or a screwdriver and push the valve up into the bore and guide it straight out. What is stuck is the TV boost valve sleeve. You may also try pushing it up and releasing it several times. Otherwise, you'll have ot do your valve body first, and then blow the PR valvetrain out and fix it.

Didn`t see that about having the VB off, kinda like measure twice cut once deal.:D
Good to have you back Alan.

Thanks guys, got it out.
I tried using a pocket knife to debur the area, but wasnt getting anywear. Went ahead with the caveman method and pulled out the drill (not reusing it anyway). With a small bit I started drilling in the center of the valve. It popped out far enough for me to pull it out the rest of the way with needle nose pliers.
Looks like pitting at the head of the valve, in a couple of spots. Maybe that is why it wouldnt come out?