stuck in lockup?


next gen buick enthusiast
Jan 14, 2003
when I am on the highway at cruising speed for while (20 or 30 minutes) and i slow down to stop, it is as if the tranny wont come out of lockup. when i first get on the highway i can lightly touch the break pedal and it will come out of lockup, but after 20 min or so if i do this it stays in lockup. i was thinking it was either a problem with the switch on the break pedal or a problem with a lockup solenoid in the transmision or something (i dont know a whole lot about transmissions). what do y'all think?

I pulled the non lockup converter out and put a stock one in. I didnt change anything over for switching to lockup because I wasnt sure what they had done to the tranny to run non lockup, but it looked like they only did it electronically., but lockup actually happens in certain conditions. Only when its been on the road for awhile, and it will lockup tighter and tighter depending on the amount of throttle, and in any gear but 1st. Its really annoying. Plus it wont downshift once this is happening. It will also lockup when Im going up a steep hill. So either this is lockup happening, or my clutches are doing something funny when the tranny gets hot and the line pressure gets high..or something. I wonder what would cause this to happen only when its hot. I noticed the more notches I have the TV cable adjusted out, the worse it is. But too few, and it never locks and slips and shifts sloppy. The whole electronic circuit checks out perfect.
Your issue more than likely is being caused by a sticky TCC lockup solenoid. Replace it with the 7004-r unit. I dont know what has to be done to make it work in the 200, but plenty of people here could answer that. Try adjusting your TV cable a little. Push it in 1 click (so you have less notches showing). On the drivers side of the throttle body, on the TV cable bracket, you push hard on that brass D shaped button and push that related cable towards the front of the car. That D shaped button is what locks the cable in place and keeps it from moving. Be careful cause its easy for it to go farther than you want. But if it does, no biggie. Just adjust it back.
Check/replace the tcc solenoid. You can check it by shorting two pins in the aldl port. Key on, put your ear up against the tranny pan, and have a helper make-break contact between the two pins. You should hear the solenoid clicking. If you don't, its probably bad.

Now I THINK the two pins are top left and top right, BUT CHECK. :confused:
will it damage my transmission if i trailer it to the track and runt it? i was planning on running it next weekend and im not really goin to have time to be opening it up.

Like Vader said it's the TCC solenoid. I was told to unplugged the TCC solenoid connecter on the drivers side of the tranny and it would only cause a slghtly higher rpm on the highway. This has temporarily solved the same problem for me, that was in August. Here is a link that describes the problem and how to repair it that was passed along to me from someone on this board.
im not driving the car regularly. should it be alright for racing this weekend? im not going to have time to change it out for another week.
Spend a couple of hours and change the TCC solenoid. Why risk a $2000 tranny rebuild for a $50 part?