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Dec 19, 2005
Stock Location Stretch Intercooler
3 In Houston Or Mease Downpipe
Scan Master 2.1
Cyl Head Studs
I live in overland park and keep gaskets in stock here at my house.
You can stop by tomorrow if you wish, i will be working on my car.

816 215 4679
Scanmaster 2.1

buttonfly said:
Scan Master 2.1
I have one, less than 6 months old, went with FAST system. No wires cut, comes with BuickGN engraved shaded hood, "Buick Motorsports". $200/shipped. Let me know.
I have a new set of ARP head studs #123-4003-86/87 buicks-$60. shipped., also have 1 set of #123-3603 6pt head bolts for 85-87 gns, and a set of #123-3703 12 pt head bolts for 86/87 gns.
stock location IC

buttonfly said:
Stock Location Stretch Intercooler

Cyl Head Studs
I've got a 20 row stock location IC for sale on here.
20 row stock location IC
No problems with it and just sold my car as a roller and have a powerstroke FM on my GN or I would definitely use this 20 row.
Bryan in KC on this thread knows me (at least knows who I am from BG) if you want a reference.. :)