Stuff needs to go, make me an offer.


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I have some things I want cleared out so make me a fare offer. If you low ball to a ridiculous point, I wont answer so be fare guys. I wont ship the big stuff but will meet if necessary.

1. Nice Grand National Rear Seat, I just bought it but i dont need it. No rips, no fading, very nice seat.

2. Grey Power Front bench Seat, Very nice as well.

3. Chrome Headlight Bezels, Chrome is ok for a driver, otherwise no cracks, would be good to sand and paint black.

4. Maroon dash suncover

5. Drivers side innercooler bracket

6. Fan blower motor

7. Nice chrome front bumper complete with nice rub strip, amber lenses, lenses bezels, rust free inner support. Bought this bumper and dont need it, it is nice.

8. Stock Charcoal Canister

9. Stock Radio, no casseette

10. Chrome Rear bumperrettes, nice chrome

11. ACDelco EGR valve, I used this for literally 100 miles or less to test the system, wasnt where my problem was. Still in the box.

12. Woodgrain Cluster Bezel

13. Woodgrain Radio Bezel

14. 3 different chrome front bumper bezels for amber lights, nice chrome

15. Rear brake light, first coil line off the PowerMaster to the porportioning valve.

..........More to come.
jd I am interested in the rear seat, but you won't consider shipping it? What about a picture?

If you arrange shipping, I can wrap it up and take it to UPS or FedEx. It will have to be you to make arrangements though! I'll send you a PM.
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More Parts........

16. Front bumper shocks, not rusty, never impacted

17. Headlight, dimmer switch... comes with the carrier

18. T Stat Retainer C Clip

19. Stock Starter off 34K mile car

20. LH Amber Lense for front bumper, nice shape

21. Stock oil fill cap

22. Engine Oil Dipstick, has some black paint of the handle

23. Stock Vavle seal from 34K car

24. New Steering Column Security Collar, part number says it's for a Jepp but it is suppose to be the same for the Buicks.

More to come......


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