I've got pyle 12" subwoofers enclosure,but they just don't sound as good as the (custom fit 12" MTX's in my Camaro) although the Camaro speakers have horn tweeters built in and the GN speakers are complimented by two 6x9's. Wanted to know if I just bought another amp for my front speakers and let the pyramid 600 watt push the back(the 6x9's and the 12" pyle's) would help?
the reason its not as loud as ur camaro is b/c your trunk is sealed. u cant put the back seats down to allow the sound to get into your have a 1/4-1/2 inch thick steal on the back a the seats... i have 4 Kicker pro comp 10's in my regal and 2 500 watt amps runnin them. ther bridged and i only hit at 149DB... my friend w/ 2 JL W-6 10's w/ 2400 watts is hittin 163db.. my point is that we put his subs in my car and i hit only 138db and my 4 in his car hit 169-1/2 db