Sudden sputtering, falling on it's face (video)

Took the car out over the weekend, got a few hundred feet away from the house and noticed the car was sputtering and borderline stalling at times, I really don't have any scanmaster data, I took the car immediately home and parked it, haven't had any time to look at it.

I did check the basics under the hood to make sure nothing was loose, no hoses blew off, etc.

My initial thought is potentially the O2 sensor or MAF? The car does have torco booster in it right now, running 18lbs of boost.

Video here:
It looks like your check engine light came on, so you need to find the code and what is causing the check engine light to come on.
Also check the Scanmaster reading and post it as well
I had a similar issue.. Barely get out of first.. Sputtering.. Almost stalling.. Checked the obvious areas... Turned out to be a loose ground.. It was attached to a trans bolt.. Check your grounds.

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Just a another though, you might want to re-check the the ignition module connector plugs and see if the pins are not bend or missing, also check for corrosion if any.