Suggestions for race chip + setup


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
I have a RA108 race chip coming and was wondering if this is a good chip for a mildly modded GN like mine? I have a PTE chip in for the street and I love it. Once I go to the track I will put this 108 chip in and is there anything that you recommend I do? I will be putting in at least 108 octane of course...gonna try to find the highest octane possible (C-16!) What boost and fuel pressure for stock turbo and injectors do you recommend I use? Also is there any other chips that you recommend for track use? Thanks.

btw...I currently have the boost set at 17 lbs with 93 pump gas and about 48 psi of fuel with line off...I was wanting to go maybe up to 22 lbs on the stock turbo and I need suggestions as to what I should do here...this will be the first time racing the GN on the track...I also have new drag radials and rims on the way :D
Good Chips!

IMO Reds 108 chips are great!
The first problem you MAY have is that the stock injectors may not flow well enough to sustain potential ET's because they are old. But this depends on how good they still flow. Stock turbos and injectors can run low 12's high 11's depending on condition and combo.
The stock turbo runs out of steam around 22-23psi.
Since you are still running the stock injectors I would set fuel psi on the high side around 45psi and the boost around 20. This should be rich. Then I would raise boost levels up until I got to 22-23psi while monitoring KR. If I had no KR then I would start lowering fuel psi until I saw 1-2 of KR then richen it back up just a bit.

Try to launch with as much boost as you can to get some good 60's.

Good Luck!
thanks! sounds like i will do fine with this ra108 chip...i didn't plan on going faster than low 12's at the moment because i know the injectors won't hold up and this is why i am getting 42.5 lbs late this spring and MAYBE a new turbo this summer...we'll see how long this stocker holds up :D
I have 2 friends that run Reds108 chips (actually it's the same chip and they just swap it between the cars) and both cars run almost identicle except one is a heavier GN the other is a light 'T'.