Summers almost here


Feb 19, 2006
Its been along winter here in michigan!Cant wait to get the car out, last year i installed a new/used motor .This was the first time i ever built a motor ! it was actually pretty easy as long as you do your homework and tell the machinist what you want for clearances.Isupplied the part numbers and parts.I got the motor installed 1 week before buick raceday in norwalk last year ,Iput about 100 miles one it before i left for the track the folllowing week.I drove to the track!(about 120miles)and the car went its best time of12.119@112.07 18#boost.The spit and spuddered alittle having really no tune time.I cant wait to get working on the car this year!!!!!!!!!! Ihope everyone has good luck with there cars this year!:)

You are not kidding!!! Sick of it. Congrats on the engine. Where in MI are you?