Summit Fel-Pro Engine Rebuild kits..

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has anyone tryed these rebuild kits that summit offers? i saw it in the catalog and didnt know if it was worth while, it comes with all the gaskets, pistons (.030 over), bearings, oil pump and so on...

its $369

but it says that comression is only 7.66:4 with 46cc heads... isnt that lower then stock??? :confused:

just wondering if anyone has ever tryed them or has any advice on them, or any good rebuild kits to be using... im looking at building me a new motor in the next couple months, just wondering what everyone thinks.

i remember that, i beleive the 7.5 cr was for regular pistons, and 8.5 cr was a forged kit or something like that
I bought the Summit-Sealed power engine rebuild kit for my Buick..

All that my kit included was forged pistons, moly rings, federal-mogul main, rod, and cam bearings, plastigauge, oil pump rebuild kit , cam sensor o-ring, and the intake gasket... No oil pan gasket, head gaskets, rear main seal, cam and lifters, front cover gasket or valve cover gaskets!!!! WTF!!:mad: And I paid $450.00 yeah I got ripped off!!!
Well they somewhat pieced together that engine kit because they didn't have all the parts.. But the guy told me I would have to go buy headgaskets, valve cover gaskets, and front cover gasket etc, etc...

The pistons were $50.00 each according to Summit, then the rings and bearings and intake gasket set. I think the number on the top of the pistons was L2451F .030...

So no it really wasn't a complete kit but that is all they offered at that time..
i just bought that kit from summit it was 378 shipped with .030 over hyperutectric pistons i tried to get forged but the summit sales rep said they didnt offer has all gaskets and bearings not one gasket missing very complete kit, just wish it came with the steel shim's and not the cheep fel-pro head gaskets :D
Stock pistons are Hypo and are unique in design when comparing a plain jane hyper you purchase from summit, jegs, etc... Do not be mislead as they are not the same..

Mike Banas