Suspension and brake Recipes!

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Aug 23, 2010
While that may sound good and it might have been where it started, These are new times! The reason for that back then Charlie is simply because there was no aftermarket companies making that stuff so they "Had to" find other ways, Now that there are these great aftermarket suspension companies making great products that correct geometry issues and the parts are FAR more superior to any OEM part is why Many people choose to go with an aftermarket product simply because it is a far more superior product. I don't knock it either way as there are people with budget constraints which only allow them so much for their build and that's fine. But Not Everyone wants to or has the skill set to go to a junk yard and take other OEM car parts, modify them and adapt them to their car just to get a slight upgrade from stock, some actually do prefer to save a little more and buy a superior product Once, simply "Bolt them on", and get the best possible product for their car. These aftermarket manufactures have taken all the guess work out of these products and have spent Gobs of money on testing and research so these customers can have a nice easy "Bolt-On" system that Far exceeds any OEM suspension product..

Are S10's, F-bodies, or Corvettes with stock brakes running road course events and being competitive? No, even they have aftermarket brakes & suspension products! Are my BAER T4 brakes an over kill on the street? I sure don't think so when I can stop dead in my tracks from 74mph in 3 sec I feel "SAFE".....

What I don't understand is why people spend Gobs of money "On aftermarket Engine Parts" to make their car fast as hell, then waste the time and money on a S10, F-body brake conversion to stop the darn thing! When it comes down to the safety of stopping, why skimp there? That's what I don't get....

I wish i could afford bear brakes and if i ever got serious with auto-x i would get some but i think corvette or ever ls1 brakes would be fine in most street applacations. Really anything is better than stock. I put bigger single pistons on the front with ss lines and s10 wheel cylinders and a good set of shoes on the back and that was an improvement
Oct 30, 2009
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Here are all of the links from this sticky corrected and working. I know that many were already corrected, but I thought it would be nice to have them all together.

From charlief1:
From scot w.:

"Here is the set up we run on our GNS test car."

"Here's my suspension recipe. It's near the bottom of post #2. My car is lowered, handles great, and has done 1.39 sixty foot times."
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