skunk works
Feb 19, 2002
what do i need to change on a stock suspension to make the ride softer?? i take my kids to school and the roads around the schools are crap. i feel every rut, bump, line and crack in the road and it feels like my car is gonna shake apart. its not just on these roads that it feels that way but i have to drive everyday through there. my wife's toyota drive thru there with minimum bumping and rattling. :confused:
I dont know but maybe just changing the 4 springs? My 82 Regal NA when it had the V-6 rode really nice. Kind of wallowy but not out of control. This car also does not have a rear sway bar either not that I would think that affects the ride. One thing though is you cant charge really hard into a corner(going fast trying to beat the yellow at an intersection for example) with out it pushing. Also this is on 14" tires. Now that I think of it what do you have for tires? A low profile tire has stiffer sidewalls which also adds harshness too.
Go to the store and get stock replacement springs for a regular V6 Regal.

That'll soften it up quite a bit.

You could also try contacting your municipality and raising a bunch of noise about getting the roads fixed instead of castrating your car.

edit: Don't even try to compare a Toyota to a Mid-80s GM product on the basis of rattles and squeaks. You will never get that Regal to not rattle.