switch from 009s to 50lb?


Aug 6, 2001
should I? Is there that much of a difference?

I'm getting ready to go Mafless and figured now would be the time to swap if I was going to.
I currently have no complaints with the 42.5s but figured if it could make a difference (cushion), why not?

Combo is
MPE 15 row IC
alcohol injection
JJ t-body
dual 2.75 exhaust
stock heads (for now)

current time is 8.0 @ 95 in the 18th (idle launch, bad 60ft) no knock, EGT looks good (pushing lean...could probably be tuned out)

Being as going mafless is kind of a pain in the butt, i would be sure that you have enough injector with 50's for future plans. I have the 16 pos. chip (009's) now but if i ever go mafless, i would at least step up to 55's. Especially since the ECM needs to be modified anyway. JMO:cool: