Switching to e85 from 93/alky with fast xfi questions..??


Mar 22, 2010
I will be switching my gas 93/alky tune to full e85 with my xfi and have a couple questions. I see fast xfi changes the target a/f table when changing the fuel energy constant to .680 but not the ve table.

1. Do i need to change my entire ve table when i turn off my alky system?

2. or just the areas where the alky came on?

3. is there any thing else i need to adjust when switching?

any input on this will be greatly appreciated ..

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Timing table will need to be tweaked also.
I switched the car to 100% E85 today and very pleased with the results. I did need to tweek the ve table across the board and this stroker is thirsty....I played with the timing at idle and my car didnt like any more than the 20* its set at. I did notice the car was snappier and spooled a bit faster. two thumbs up so far........
I have burned through a few tanks of e85 so far and i love it. I tested the fuel at e-75 and adjusted my FEC .725 accordingly in my XFI, because i do not have a flex fuel sensor. . I set the XFI to learn and ve table is right on. from a stand still burnouts were about 40' long and now about 55-60' i am running about 19 psi boost and my duty cycle is about 68-70 %