Switching to F-Body Radiator - Question


Read an article on here on how to install an F-Body radiator and use an external oil cooler. I picked up the radiator and am having a shop install for me that has done some work on the car for me already. My question is:
the length of the reg. stock radiator is about 20", a 8 cyl. Regal has one that is about 26 3/4", the F-Body is about 26.25", however on visual inspection the space doesn't look long enough. Will this F-Body radiator fit?
Yup, direct drop in. Just be careful with the rubber pads that the radiator sits on. When they're done, check that those pads are still there and the radiator is still sitting on them properly.
It was $109 at my autozone. Autozone has a low price guarantee, so all you have to do is make a few calls, find the lowest price and they will beat it. Some people have pulled their radiators out of the box and found them to not be square, and then returned them back and forth 5 times before getting a square one. Dont worry about all that. All that matters is that the top and bottom are parallel, which they will be. Mine wasnt square either, but top and bottom were parallel. Just measure the height on each end and it'll be within tolerance. Its by far the best mod Ive done for the money. It cools so well its ridiculous. It has the tranny hookups (DO NOT USE THAT HOOKUP FOR OIL COOLING!) but I wouldnt use them anyway. The tranny needs more cooling than that little cooler in the stock radiator can provide. Its best to run an external oil cooler and external tranny cooler. I bypassed my oil cooler altogether, but it seems it kinda sacrificed oil life a bit. In a case where you bypass it, you better be running synthetic...and a good synthetic.
I've been running this radiator in my car for the past 3-4 years...love it! Temps even with a front mount never usually go higher than 165.
I use F-body radiator on both my TRs. Great cooling and a weight saver. I don't run a front mount IC so I purchased a permacool dual pass oil and trans cooler for my fluid cooling mounted in front of the F-body unit. Requires having longer oil cooler lines made up.


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id just get rid of the oil cooler.
get a f-body radiator for a car with a manual trans(no internal tranny cooler)
and run a GOOD external trans cooler.