syclone wont start


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went for a drive and truck missed a little.Brought it home and changed coil,distributor(button and cap)spark plug wires(not plugs yet)and checked fuel pressure(38 psi)checked spark at #1 plug(looks good)still wont start.Will change plugs but because I drove it home at a slower speed and no miss I didn't think the plugs would keep it from starting. had some sharp people look at it and cant figure out why it wont start.
Put the old coil back on. Process of elimination.

You're getting spark, fuel, and air. Did you leave something unplugged?

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Recheck timing with brown wire disconnected. Make sure it is at 0° TDC. stock balancer is prone to failure(outer ring spins). Check rotor to see if it spins with engine turning. Rotor should point to #1 cylinder at 0° check plug wires' order to 165432. Your are bound to have a vacuum leak. Those are common. Does your tach go crazy when you crank engine?