T-44 TURBO FOR SALE!! get while it's cheap!!


Nov 7, 2006
I'm selling the last turbo that I had installed. Those following past threads now that I got a new BB 61, so this is the reason I'm selling the 44.
It's a nice turbo and a great upgrade for moderate modified cars.
Fits too, no special brackets or cutting required. Works with stock convertor and injectors, you would probably be good in getting a turbo tweak chip made for it and stock injectors but it will still perform well with stock stuff, I know cause I put it on my car before upgrading to 009 (42lbs) injectors.
Ebay listing at:
eBay Motors: Precision TE-44 Buick Grand national Turbo -Turbo TA (item 150150739981 end time Aug-19-07 08:09:52 PDT)