T/A block


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Feb 4, 2007
anyone running an aluminum block from T/A performance. is it a good piece or is it a lot of hype. is there any advantage to getting one of them. what makes the best engine set up for a consistant mid to low 10 second car. thanks dave
nick micale runs one i know. hes runnin either low 10s or 9s for a while now. just going by the pics id say its prob the strongest block ever made for these cars.
Dave Fiscus and Tony Gomes are well in the 8s

And they are in their 3rd production run. A oil dipstick provision was machined in and two screws holes were added for the retention of the rear cam plug if needed.

Billy T.
Considering the TA block

I'm probably a few years off w my TTA, but am considering the TA block and talked to them. Sounds pretty good, and hopefully the initial problems, which pretty much always happen w a new product, have been ironed out.

I guess they have 6 bolt Mains and no need for a girdle, so when U add that in the price is not so bad after all. I guess they can even go w a stroker crank and get U as much as 274 CI - at least a 15% increase. They also have their own forged cranks, roller cams, 14 bolt heads, headers and intakes and a few other goodies as well. I might consider just having them do the whole job.

I have some worked iron heads for my TTA, cause I guess I can't get any Al ones. Not sure how iron heads go with an Al block ?