T-Top Blue Interior Parts and Hood Emblem


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Jul 25, 2018
All parts new. Prices do not include shipping or pay pal insurance (add 2.5%). PM for interest and provide address for shipping estimate.

NOS - Original GM, still in box t-top interior trim panels / covers -
GM Part No.: 20704030 and 20704031
Cover Asm-Lift Off Panel *Dark Blue LH and RH. These parts are discontinued. no longer available for purchase. Selling for $100 each plus shipping and pay pal insurance.

New blue painted twin gauge holder for T-top cars. T-top Gauge pod replace the short T section by the windshield of your T=top GBody. Fits all GBodys with T-tops and holds 52 MM 2-1/16" gauges. $30 plus shipping and pay pal insurance (wave if selecting friends and family) $65 plus pay pal insurance and shipping

NOS GM 1984 - 1987 Buick Grand National T Type Turbo 3.8 Hood Emblem Part No. 25519633 in the original box.


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