t top gn frame off for sale


Aug 10, 2004
This car will be done soon. I have been working on this project for the last 7 years. It will be on the market with in the next month. $20000 obo. Call for details on the car. As for the motor it has. 30 trw with light weight pins,218 cam,ported heads with stock valves,heavy duty main caps,and comedic gaskets. The motor on the outside is all stock appearing and powder coated. I can make the car modified or not, but the engine is ready to add bolt ons to it. The wheels in the picture are not included. Everything on this car is new,including the paint.Call me for info at 414 736 4873.


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I have seen this car AND let me tell you this car is beautiful!!! Darn good buy for who wants a GN better looking than coming off the showroom floor!!!
Feel free to tell me to bugger off but why are you selling it so near completion? If it's personal, forget I asked, but I'm curious.