T-top Shades


Aug 19, 2002
Hey guys-

Does anyone have a set of T-top shades for a GN available? I contacted Conley's Performance and they are not making them anymore. I thought I would have an upholstery guy make some, but I thought I would check with my TB community first. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks :)
Just tint them, that way the top of your head stays cool and you can still see the beautiful sky.
Hey Guys-

Tom at GNX Dash is going to hook me up. I talked to him today. He sounds like a great guy and I highly recommend him for anything that you might need. Thanks Bweavy for the great tip! :D
I made mine out of aluminium! It makes me nauseous though....I get kinda claustriphobic now. But hey, my 10 month old son didnt much car for the constant ash of light and heat.
"constant ash"?!?!?! I dont know what I was typing there! But I guess you get the point. :)
I bought a new set last year- i think from either Jays GN or Johns Performance. Around $65.set.