T-top Squeeks!!how To Stop It


Nuclear Reactor
Hey guys what methods have you used to keep those Tops quiet. I ran a search and found a post about the chassis stiffening but I was more interested in the rear seat bracing and the front strut bars. Do those really help. Thanks and have a good one. :confused:
Put all new seals on it, lubricate where the pins go and then adjust them for a firm attachment.
turbohye said:
Thx Turbo! :wink: Would you say its a weekend job? or a few hours?
a couple hours "tops",no pun intended...take them apart and you will see adjustments then the rods that move are atached to metal that usually rattles and you can minipulate them by adjustment and tightening and bendind them to quite them down...
Anything you do to stiffen the chassis will help. I added the body bushings, lock pillar reinforcement, rear seat brace, front frame braces, connecting front frame brace, and under-the-hood braces on my '85. Replaced all the parts, got the extra anti-rattle strips, and tightened them up. Got rid of most of the noise, and leaks- then sold the car 'cause I still can't stand t-tops. Not too long ago: I noticed someone was offering headliner panels that made the interior look like a solid roof car(they fit into the t-top recesses). If I'd had a pair of those to keep the sun from baking me, I might still have that car. Hated to see it go(t-tops and all). :cool:
Hey rodman I have those on my GN :) I still hate T tops.

Turbohye,those seals are quite pricey,but the R&R isn't that bad. Usually you find lots of rust under those seals.The biggest pain is cleaning all the old glue from the seals.