T-Type Center Caps Keep Falling Off


Aug 10, 2001
What do yall use to keep the canter caps on 86-87 T-Type wheels from falling off? I've tried super glue but they still come loose. Mabye silicone? I can't afford to keep buying new ones.
Seal them on the inside with silicone- i run my finger over a bead of silicone and they stay on well. when you change tires just cut through the silicone with a razor knife.
I used masking tape. Wrapped it around the lip which fits into the wheel. Put on enough tape 'til it stays on. Have gone 30,000+ miles and they have not flown off again.

'86 GNAT orig owner
'87 Regal "T" w/ turbo daily driver
on the we-4 i had one loose cap. what i did was wrap teflon tape around the cap until i had a very snug fit. no more rattle. keith