T type?

Aug 21, 2006
Wondering if some one could post pics of there t type interior a friend of mine bought one but its kinda mixed up so I'm just trying to get an idea of what they looking like inside he has bits some 84 gn parts in his and some t type parts
Well to be honest not to sure of color it's a 84 t type but it looks like some one tryed to put a gn interrior in it it has the leather gn seats white concole grey dash black upper door panels black carpet and head liner white lower door panels and grey a pillar trim I'm just trying to find out what is correct for an 84 t type seems to be a bit mix matched at the moment
84's gn's and I had a wh1 that had the 2 tone interior you speak of. I have some parts out of the car I stripped if you still need them