T.V. Cable Adjustment


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Could someone look at the picture below and tell me if my T.V. Cable is adjusted correctly? The cable will not automatically adjust itself by the full throttle method. thanks

Car: 1987 G.N. stock transmission and torque converter.


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Mine is exactly as yours is...showing 5 notches. (the raised part is what I'm talking about). Not sure if it's a notch or what, but mine is at the same setting.
Miss 2, nut for coil pack and bolt to hold the tv cable bracket

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You should ask in the Transmission Forum to get a professional answer as all cars are not the same, and the cable will stretch over time?
Typically you want to be able to pull the throttle bracket forward and there be no play in the TV cable when you pull the exposed cable on the end near the bracket. The end of the bracket when not engaged should be resting on the throttle adjuster screw.

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