T66 Turbo Disassembly


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Jun 10, 2005
Anyone out there know how to take the compressor blade exhaust blade apart?

I think the flutter mentioned in another post has caused the failure of my very new t66 turbonetics trubo. I have significant shaft play along with oil consumption evidenced by the smoke emitted from the tail pipes.

I have taken the turbo out of the car and take off the exhaust and compressor housing. I undid the bolt on the compressor blade side and kind of expected it to slide off. It did not, is there anything special you must do to get those blades out of the center section. I think I am in need of a new center section.

This may not be something I can do due to balancing issues, any one with any suggestions on a shop that does timely reputable work?
I am unfamiliar with this turbo, but often compressor wheel ID's are sized so that there is a tiny amount of press fit on the shaft.

Make sure you don't side load the wheel if you attempt to pull it off and be sure to protect the turbine wheel in the process. I'd reinstall the turbine hsg, set the turbo down on the turbine side, have someone hold turbo down if you can't do it yourself and place both hands under the compresor wheel and gently and evenly pull on the wheel.

At this point the smartest thing might be to send it off. I just hate waiting for service. Mail order can suck at tims waiting for people to get things done.

Thanks for the advice.