Boost...gotta get some!
Aug 16, 2012
Looks like this site has been inactive for a while, but just wondering if there is good information to read there? I tried to register for the site, but get a fatal error when I click the Complete Registration button.

Is there any reason to join the site?

If so, how can I get registered?
Inactive? It can't be inactive. I just posted there yesterday.;)

It helps if you upgrade to a TurboBuick.com Gold Account membership first.

Hope this helps.

Mike B.
Hope you've got a thick skin and a lot of time. If you're really sure you want to get on there them PM SGRIM and maybe he'll let you visit.;)
Just clicked on my Saved site for T6P and got nothing this site is dead new?
It appears someone took a bulldozer to the play ground... without a proper burial :cautious:
Well, I guess the bill got too much for the return.

RIP t6p.com

Sorry to see it go.

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The stuff bruce posted in the library is practically priceless. It better not be lost to time! Post it somewhere over here please.