TA 49 in a Hot Air


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Hey guys. I am back with the hot air questions again. I was just wondering what needed to e done to a TA49 turbo to mount it onto my car. I understand that the compressor housing needs to be reclocked, however, do I need to alter the intake adapter? or will the adapter fit in as is? I am truely interested in the TA49 or higher series turbo, but I dont want to start having to fabricate parts. Thanks a bunch everyone!!


Just as an option, Precision Turbo does an upgrade of your stock turbo to an equivalent of a 49. Everything stays in orig. config.

Call for details if interested.

PTE 219-996-7832

Hey Joe, do you think they can go bigger than a 49 (like a 51 or 52) in my stock junk? My turbi is prety beat, but all the housings look good...I just want this damn car in the 11's without an IC, and the turbo is the major factor...Thank you very much.

My dad has a 49 on his hotair. We originally just cut off some of the compressor outlet and coupled it with a silicone hose to the intake adapter. After repeatedly melting the hose, we sent the turbo to John Craig and he jigged up and welded the intake adapter to the 49 compressor. Not he's got a turbo that fits like a stocker, but runs like....well u know.
I just made my own turbo adapter similar to the hotair design but instead of putting the turbo on top of the adapter, the ta-49 goes inside the adapter, if that makes sense.
If you're going to buy a turbo anyway, why not have it built using the stock housing? I had a 62 in the hotair housing. You couldn't tell it wasn't stock by looking at it. No special fabrication required.

If you plan on adding an intercooler, you're better off using the 87 housing. It's a bolt on when used with an intercooler.
as I have heard so far, you cannot go too much farther in our hot air turbo housings due to the fact that they do not flow like the newer year turbo's. I was going to see how big I can go with my stocker, but I am just sick of looking at it. I am getting so picky that I just want new items in the car now. As for the intercooler, I never want one unless I have an 86-87 TR. Hot air's are hot air's and I dont want to change that just for a sec in the quarter...Besides, I got bragging rites to defend!!! lol..Thanks a ton!

You pick up nearly a second when stock at stock boost levels. The gap widens with mods and high boost. I figured I could do heads/cam/intake or bolt on an intercooler for about the same gain so it was an easy choice for me but I do understand the die hard hotair fans and wish you luck.

The 62 ran great on my car and from the looks of it I doubt you could go any bigger in the stock housing. The problem is you have the TB before the turbo and it really contributes to lag even when bored out. That was another advantage to the intercooler. I could move my TB to the pressure side.
Thanks cool...Got any pics of your car? I think I've seen it before, but I'm jealous...yours runs....lol. Thanks for the reply and the info.

Don't be jealous, mine ran for a week with the combo in my sig before a friend of mine blew it up for me. That was a year ago with the 3.8. The 4.1 is done and waiting for me to pick it up but it will be awhile before it's running.