What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
what are your guys opinion on this turbo any bad ones? anything go wrong with them or no?

I have a pte54 on my car and love it pretty good spool up on my combination.Istill have the d-5 converter but Ialso have alky and run my boost pretty high so with the tighter waste gate rod I have good spool up.I am running a huge homemade front mount I did not like the way it spool up with the stock intecooler. Awesome spool up with the front mount and max effort thumbwheel.I have had the turbo on my car for almost a year and it still feels tight as when I bought it.My trans. is about dead so no numbers as of yet.I run it on my g-tech and it run 13.2 at 114 mph at 19# of boost on street tires and the smell of clutches from the trans.
since i usually like to talk bad about things...:rolleyes:

i'll say i havent run one but i also havent heard or seen any bad reports on them.

do your research first you have plenty of coices in that range of turbo.
My car went 124mph with a 53, spools good enough to make the 60fts a misserable 1.80 (blowing the tires off)
Great Turbo

A good buddy of mine has gone 11.50 @117 with 24psi with that turbo. He has done a few more mods to the car since then and can now get 122mph on the G-tech.(That thing is way off in ET but it is exactly right with the MPH)

It's been on the car for 2 years and has never had a problem. He's going bigger soon and I just might buy this one from him.