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Just wondering any word on this block. I check the TA Performance web site have not seen any updates. Has anyone heard anything?
Well Folks, on March 25, 2002 TA Performance gave birth to an Aluminum 231 Buick V-6 block. My father and I went to LA and watched as the foundry assembled the first V-6 block mold. The next day that block was cut up for inspection and two more were poured. Next step is machining, which is under way. On April 3,2002 we had the new block casting up at Kenny's shop for a few hours. The new TA Performance V-6 head is also moving along, it's also currently up at Kenny Dutt. shop for a few personal improvements to the combustion chambers and ports. Kenny has already made 1200HP with this head with out the new changes. We are also finishing up with new machine fixtures for our V-6 valve covers and the deep cast aluminum 200R4 trans pan. For the near future we are planing on new V-6 roller lifters, a new V-6 roller cam blank, and currently being planed for the second half of the year is a all New Performance Turbo intake manifold to replace your stock one. TA Performance is starting to have manufactured and stock all types of necessary engine parts to help with your projects.
We are going to try and get some photos of the new block and head up on our web site in the next few days. I would like to thank all of you customers who have showed TA Performance support, in light of this project. I personaly hope that these new parts along with your efforts show all others what owning a Buick is all about.
Mike Tomaszewski
TA Performance Products Inc.
WOW!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Now if I would just get called back to work from being laid-off so that I could afford one of these blocks, I'd be all set!!!

Is there going to be anything done about a new casting for the turbo cranks that are getting harder to find???

Thanks for all the work that you are doing for us Mike...
That's awesome...I am happy to see that you have followed through. I asked you a bunch of questions at Bristol year before last when you talked about this.

Now you know you're doomed since you've shown the hungry masses a username to nag at... :eek:

Good luck and I hope to see a successful finished product!

If the boys on the street thought that the TRs were scary before, wait till they meet up with us now. WOOO HOOO!!!!
Originally posted by TurboTA3.8
is this a off center or oncenter block? george

The block is designed as a stock replacement block that will utilize the internals and accessories from a stock GN. It will have provision for 14 bolt heads, which by the way, none of the holes are open to water passages. It will have 6 bolt mains on the rear 3 caps and 4 bolts on the front one.

The design goal is to be able to produce 1200 HP reliably with the proper heads and other parts. So far 3 blocks have been cast. One was cut up for examination then melted down. Others are being used for machining set-up. Liners are being developed for 3.8" and 4" bores. A raised-cam race block is also being considered for serious race use.

If all goes as planned, I will have a block with me for display in Bowling Green this May. It will not be a final machined piece, but may be as-cast. The next phase of developing the CNC programs needed is underway.

Production will be in batches. Demand for the initial offering will help in determining how production will procede. As TA Performance has been the major vendor in developing and producing the finest Buick V-8 performance parts for years, they are now directing their efforts in the V-6 field. Both off-center and on-center versions will be available.

As Mike stated, the block is the foundation piece for this venture into the V-6 performance field. It will be followed by heads, intake, cams, complete engine building kits and possibly complete blocks or motors.

The block will be extensively dyno and field tested. The major hurdle is to put together a engine build package to test to upper horsepower limits of block strength. For the "street package" of 7-800 HP, this will be easily done. With the extensive experience and success TA has had in bringing aluminum Buick performance parts to the market place, this block should be a high-quality and reliable piece from the begining.
thank God good people are keeping these cars alive! i hope it will be a little cheaper and a bit less painfull to put together than a stage 2 block.
Matt, i don't see how it could be any cheaper than a stage block, especially if your paying $3k to $3500 for the block alone. What stock parts would ayone want to use in it?? I was ore interested in it when the block was first projected to be in te 2 to 2500 range. The only different priced item compared to a stage motor is the block, and it looks like it may cost alittle more than what i've seen a virgin stage block go for.

Its good to see people step up like this, especially when virgin stage motors, and used stage motors will be harder and harder to find. 1200hp should be enough for any single turbo cars. Can't wait to see the testing.
Please be available by October!!

I was just wondering if anyone had a GOOD idea when the blocks would be available? I have the wife convinced to let me get one with a bonus I get in October, but I would be hard pressed to keep her convinced for long after October with the money sitting in the bank account "calling her" to spend it. Is it reasonable to think that the block could be ready for sale by October? If so, TA performance can count me in for one of them. :)

Re: Please be available by October!!

Originally posted by tazgn
I was just wondering if anyone had a GOOD idea when the blocks would be available? .......TA performance can count me in for one of them. :) Derrick

Here is what I posted today:

"The TA aluminum I just examined looks like no other
Buick V-6 block! The stage block heritage is plainly
seen, but also MANY improvements.

It is firm, this is the casting that I will bring to Bowling
Green at the GSCA National meet this May. It will be
displayed at Jack Cotton's booth, who is also a
TA Performance dealer.

A major difference from a stock block is the location
of the oil pick up. It will be at the end of the block like
a stage II block and will use a special pick up tube.
The entire oiling system has been revised internally
for MUCH better distribution. It can be easily set up
for dry or wet sump operation.

The block weighs about 80 pounds and will still be close
to that when finished with caps and liners. Many other
features of this block will make it very desireable, not
only for use in turbo Buicks, but others vehicles as well,
such as street rods, mini-trucks, sand rails, etc.

This is a very exciting development in the Buick
performance world as TA will continue development
of products to support a "killer V-6".

TA aluminum heads will be available this summer.
The final design is under way, and with input from
experts like Ken D. will be the best heads available.

A stock replacement intake is also on the drawing
board. Other internal items like rods, pistons, bearings
and other pieces obsolete, or soon to be, will be
offered through TA Performance and its dealers.
The TA deep aluminum transmission pan for the
200-4R will also be shown in BG and will be available
soon as they are currently being machined.

For those of you not going to BG, check out pics
of the block on the TA Performance web site
that Jack posted. More to come soon........!"
these prouducts are absolutly amazing, i am very impressed and the r & d time has to be many thousands of hours with all the people involved, i have no stage parts, so i will need more than a block, and stage parts will go up i think when the blocks become availible, but when the heads and other parts are ready, i am ditching the turbo SBC and getting some turbo 6 for the car
Grant J Farmer
Completed Short blocks

I have heard several say they would be interested in a completely built new short block from Mike at TA when the project is in production. Do they plan to offer packaged builds?
I wanna know about the heads!! How much flow!?!

I see fist sized ports that require all new intake and exhaust manifolds... 2" int and 1.6" exh valves... 300+ cfm on the intake and 250+ exh... 5L+ of displacement...



Need the Heads----Help!!!!!!

Ready to order the heads today...needed them yesterday...when will they be ready?

Any word?


this is awsome! i have heard a little bit about this block as well as checked out the site breifly. this is a big deal!

i have a few questions.

now i dont know much about heat exchange and how materials can handel heat, but i have heard that aluminum blocks have trouble taking heat? such as the aluminum block theywere going to use on the 03 cobra?

what has been done to these blocks to be able to take the heat of the high PSI that our buick motors take?

and also, whould this block have any trouble w/ being usend in cars that see 75% street duity ? or are they more for race only?