TA Stainless headers, Turbonetics 66mm, down pipe, precision intercooler


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Nov 21, 2012
got this car a couple month ago, and decided im going to do twins, so this stuff needs to go.

this is what everything looked like in the car

TA Stainless coated headers. comes with ARP bolts. comes with all hardware. coating has seen better day, is starting to flake off a little (look at pictures). is for 3 bolt turbos- SOLD



Turbonetics t series 65/66 ball bearing turbo. exhaust housing has been coated and is .63 3 bolt housing. no shaft play. comes with coated intake and filter. also comes with oil drain back to block, 4an feed fitting, 4an feed and return fittings for coolant- SOLD


coated steel 3" Downpipe does NOT come with wastegate, but flanges are for turbonetics rg-45 wastegate and similair. has O2 bung welded in. has a couple of dings in it to clear the TRZ control arms - SOLD



Precision 1000hp Intercooler with all coated charge pipes. does NOT come with blow off valve. bov flange is for Turbonetics godzilla blow off valve. comes with couplers and t bolts and mounting hardware. couple scratches on the coating, but you cannot see them when installed. precision no longer makes this one, so get it while you can. 600 obo shipped - sale pending

Nice parts....GLWS!
Not trying to hi-jack your thread but I'm really curious about the E-Vac on this car. I have been contemplating doing what you have here to cut down on the wet breathers and oil all over when I'm under boost. Where is the line running to, an electric pump?
Thanks, Jeremy!
it is running to a breather catch can. might sell the setup. make me a offer on it.
Appreciate the offer.....I am running stock valve covers and don't need to upgrade them currently, and I'm pretty stock under the hood so not even sure aftermarket valve covers will fit with no issues. I was just curious if it was running to a pump or not. I was wanting to run something like that to an exhaust evac port on my test pipe (relatively low vaccum). I'm just concerned if I did that how much blow by would be in the exhaust and if it was enough to smoke out the tail pipes or not, but your just running to a catch can.....which is the safe thing to do when it comes to the piston pins if your not running oil jets. Versus running a pump or exhaust evac.
Thanks again, can't wait to see some #'s on your twin set up!
Glad you sold the headers....you had me thinking!
Is probably to big for stock but for 600 I would grab it up. They dont sell the front mount anymore as stated above. I already bought one otherwise I would have bought it. glws
kind of goes both ways. it is in a better spot then stock location IC to get colder intake charge, and over all does a better job at cooling, you get thicker air (cooler air is thicker), improving spool time, and detonation. with it being bigger, it has more space to fill, so the slower the spool time. so it might wash itself out, it might not.
Hey if you still have turbo waste gate down pipe and some other stuff that I need maybe you can make me a package deal