ta60,009s,tt chip


NO!!...its not a MONTE!!!
Jun 24, 2004
Im selling my ta60 turbo with garret .63,HD actuator,and inlet bell.It has around 10,000 miles and does not smoke.Very little play,I went 11.7s with it and took it off in the fall to upgrade.$375.00 shipped.FIRM

Also selling 009s with TT street chip,around 10,000 miles on injectors and 5 miles on street chip.I never had the 009s cleaned but they work very well.Also went 11.7s with them.$150.00 shipped .FIRM

I will sell combo package(turbo,009s,and TT chip) for $450.00 shipped to your door!! I take paypal.Add 3% for paypal. ThanX,John. jyoung231@hotmail.com


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