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pulled the 5in autometer tach out of my firebird and put it in the buick the other week. The tach works just fine except that its reading lower than the scanmaster says on rpms. I have had this tach for YEARS , do you have to open up the tach and cut a wire so it reads for a 6 instead of a 8? Thanks Daniel
tach hook up

Look around on autometer's website. I found install instructions ,and yeah you gotta cut a wire but mine was a loop hanging out of the back of the tach.I didn't have to open it up.
Hey if you find out which wire to cut let me know. I did the same thing and also were do you wire the monster tach into to get a tach signal?
Hey thanks for info its the brown wire.........The green connector on the drivers side by the AC compressor is were you pick the signal up from.