TAI 2016 in BG...

After spoolfool twisting my arm and volunteering a sponsorship to the TAI class I agreed to attend & also support Guy Cunningham since I built his car. Guy ran a respectable 10.63 four times in a row and a couple of 10.67 which put him solidly in the pack which I congratulate him for. I got to meet Eric Marshall & Miguel from Puerto Rico finally. Met & got some good tips from the wizard Cruz on fuel systems. But what was most memorable was meeting the BO the CEO of Boost Crew he is a national treasure from the back woods of Kentucky claims ownership of three teeth one in his mouth & the others in his pocket. I tried to correct him at dinner that biscuits & gravy wasn't really a meal his comment was not to deal with such negativity. We agreed to meet at the cracker barrel restaurant after a washed out race with Boost crew myself & Spoolfool, I apologize not remembering the other sophisticates names associated with Boost crew almost equally impressive. Now Bo sat next to me & suggested a Kentucky delicacy called Bull dick & dumplings but was disappointed when the waitress informed us that they were out of dumplings. As the evening wore on and just before the bill was presented Bo politely excused himself & retired to the rest room but almost like magic appeared after the bill was settled. Honorable mention to ( Phone guy) a gentleman of impeccable credentials who took my $300.00 sponsor money & promised it be put to good use at the next event since BG was rained out. So I arrived back to Lake Forest broke & content that i had contributed to the economy of Kentucky all the while looking forward to the next adventure spoolfool volunteers me for. :eek:
We sure have fun lmao
TAI doesn't have an event. They have a party...(y)
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I hope someone holds that beer for him while he takes care of business!
Introducing BO the CEO of The boost crew. He was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine rumored to have a net worth exceeding that of Donald trump made on his secret recipe of bull dick & dumplings. During an interview with the History channel featuring his lifetime achievements in drag racing he revealed that his most favorite thing to do was replacing head gaskets on his Buick. :wacky:
Saw this in Kentucky just north of the Tennessee border..........

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