Tailshaft Repair

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Hey, something happened last year to cause my fluid to come out, and the bearing to pop out also. This caused the yoke to wobble, opening up bearing bore. I glued it in to get home. I thought my only option was to replace the case. My buddy built me a repair piece that uses the same bushing and seal. It's worked fine so far during racing. Any ideas on this, or is there a market for this? It fits all GM tail shafts. Anyone ever hear of this happening?
Yes I have heard many times of egging out the bushing....But ...I have never of anyone repairing the case. 2004r? You sure? If so.....Got any pics....?

Oh yeah, I'm sure it's the 2004R! I couldn't get another tailshaft to put on because of the one piece case. It's on my '87 Monte Carlo SS. I used epoxy weld to drive the 1800 miles home from the Pony Express. Send me an address to "robertem@att.net", and I'll mail more info, ok?

Bruce, did you get my e-mail. I'll send info to a mailing address, ok?