Tasty Sub/Sandwich Try it @ home.


Jan 31, 2011
I like to make my own food, always better than Mcdonalds right? Ofcourse!! well i just made up a damn good tasting sandwich that i think you should try. Simple but extremely tasty!

Here are the ingredients and how to make.

1. Boar's head Chipotle chicken breast a bit spicy or you can go with Boar's head Blazzin buffalo chicken breast thin sliced i like both.
2. Boar's head Chipotle Gouda cheese also gives you a kick in the mouth a bit spicy a well

3. Sour Dough French Bread

4. Boar's head honey mustard

5. Extra virgin olive oil i prefer La Espanola brand

6. Alessi balsamic vinegar

7. oregano/basil

8.Toaster Oven

step one cut w,e size of sub/sandwich you want place cheese first then honey mustard then goes your chicken on top like a blanket this gives it like an explosion of taste instead of the old condiment on the bread first that just makes everything sloppy. Moving on... Next place in toaster oven to broil for about 1 1/2 min why broil? Broiling it will get the outside a bit flaky and very good but still keep the internals fairly soft. thats how i like it i like to kinda mush it but be a little crunch not a cracker. Once complete i sprinkle some basil over the chicken with the heat it will smell pretty good... Last stage grab a clean plate and dab some vinegar onto the plate with an equal amount of olive oil sprinkle some oregano on it and your good to go i dip the bread in the oil/vinegar every other bite or so just to add a bit more to it..

Enjoy.. Hope you like it i do! And so do a few of my friends, but dont let your friends try it cuz when they get munchies they'll end up at your place and have you cookin.

What mine looks like see pics

looks simple but i promise it will fulfill the need ..

Feel free to post up some good homemade recipes im up to try new things, so post up




Looks good, the Boar's head products must be a regional thing; I haven't heard of that name around here before.
Thanks jerk, now I cannot even think about eating another lame-ass Subway sub :( Boarshead is here in the DC metro area, good stuff