TB/G-body/lowrider/interesting buick/Meet in Tacoma Washington


Starvin Like Marvin...
Aug 9, 2009
Hey ive been told by some people in the next really sunny day to have a turbo buick/TTA/any t-type buick/ any rare g-body platformed car to have a meet in washington state in the Tacoma Area At Pt Defiance Park and possibly a drive as well, anyone sound interested???:biggrin::biggrin:

Cars allowed
Turbo Buicks of any kind GNX's loved
Cool Lowrider Buick regals
any T-type model buick
Cutty supremes/442's/ lowrider Cutlas Supremes
Turbo Monte Carlo/SS monte carlos
Nice Buick Ultra's, Buick regal Gs's or GSX, or GNX

Any number matching documentations regarding the cars would be cool such as facts specs, numbers, ect. Pt Defiance Park Tacoma Washington and for a drive around Picturesque Tacoma Washington... anyone interested just pm me for more info

thanks 83turbo;)