TC recommendations


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May 28, 2001
Well, i need to change tc's. My stock one sucks (plus who knows if it is truely what its supposed to be...)

I have been considering getting a D5, or maybe a modded D5.

My motor is a 355. Cam is Comp Cam's 265DEH (~.440/.460 lift, 211/221 dur@.050).

The motor *should* be making around 270hp and 370ft-lbs. I will be changing to either vortec or AFR190's and power should shoot up a lot since the heads i have now are crap.

What would be a good tc to get and still give me some 'upgrade headroom' power-wise? This is my daily driver.

I will be taking it to Mike Kurtz (since he's about an hr away from me) to do install, i am tired of dropping my tranny.

Mike custom builds a modified D5 that would probably work fine for you assuming you have a T200-4R (which I assume, otherwise why would you be asking about D5s?). While mine self-destructed after only 8 months he is voluntarily rebuilding it for me at no cost (other than shipping). I'm running about 400hp out of my TR though, plus it has a TransBrake on it--altho I haven't gone racing since I got here (Colorado Springs). From what I've heard the next step up is Precision's TC--at about $800 it's a big step.
In fact, if you're going over there, ask how my TC is coming along... I miss my car!
Keith Hansen
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