TE 44 turbo

Toxic Donkey

Mar 22, 2013
This turbo was on my car when I bought it a few years ago. It has no problems and did not smoke when I removed it. I dont have much history, but mileage has been minimal since I have had it. I bought a TE-44 with Garrett housing from a forum member earlier this year. It wasnt until I received it that I realized it was the same turbo I already had. My turbo ignorance is the only reason it was removed. Im in Nashville and stopped by Turbo Auto when I first pulled it and was told minimal shaft play and no need for rebuild. $450 shipped
Has it been ported,what size is that hole?

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I didnt port it but the gentleman that I bought the car from installed the 3" dp and 60lb inj. Possible that he did.

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Excuse my ignorance, but what turbo came stock on the GN? This is an upgrade to the stocker?