Te44 Series Turbo's


kicking butt Intercooled
Hey y'all i gotta question. I am purchasing a TM ic & intake kit for my car soon, and i can get a good deal on a TE44 turbo. How well to TE series turbo's run on these cars, and what stall/injectors would be needed to spoll this baby? And also, what kinda downpipe? Any info will help, thanks :)
a te-44 will run great with that combo.your 2800 convertor is more than enough,it'll spool like a monster.

you should probably step up the injectors to something in the 40# range.if you haven't already you should upgrade your ecm to the 87 so you can use the chips and scantools.

Sorry this is off topic but where in the heck did you get a 2.5" uppipe? I've been wanting one for a long time now.

The TE series turbo is free hp vs the TA series there's no downside other than it doesn't look stock due to the bigger compressor housing. As long as you have the clearance and the TB doesn't have to bolt on to the turbo you're good to go.