Team Banana's Twin Turbo LS Gbody

Congratulations gents!!!! That is simply amazing. The 8.30 pass looked so effortless. You guys got that suspension really dialed in. I'm so stoked for you guys. Keep up the good work, I'll will continue to follow / support your success.
Thanks Everybody!!! We was not expecting that 8.37 to pop up. Our fastest pass before Indy was 8.75. This car has so much left in it.
Scott congrats on that 7.90!!! I have been getting your progress report from Sam. Your the one that is really hauling the mail. Maybe we can meet up somewhere next year. We will be at Norwalk when NMCA is there
what kind of suspension setup are you running in the rear to make the thing hook up like that?? Sweet Ride!!!
what kind of suspension setup are you running in the rear to make the thing hook up like that?? Sweet Ride!!!
275 pros, 9 inch ford, H&R uppers and lowers, H&R anti roll bar, QA1 singles adjustable shocks. It is the total package front to back.
It will 60ft a lot better when we get the front to stay down. We spent 10 years trying to hook and now we are trying to get it to unhook. We did a 100ft wheelie Friday with rain on the windshield. My chassis guy wins wheelie contest in a malibu wagon.
LSX Racing Facebook side view

LSXTV: "While he might technically be runner-up with an 8.647 average, Tim LeMay is first in our hearts for the way his '87 Buick can go this high up on the bumper and still run mid-eights".
Thanks for helping me out on the phone yesterday. This is a real good camp here. Your car is awesome and I hope I can get mine up and running soon.

Where did you get the SW Up/Forward headers? Are they just off the shelf? I see a few companies carry them.
Thanks!! We got the headers through rpm transmissions. They are just a shelf set not custom and they have came down
in price since we bought them. If you decide to do the Holley setup give Macy a call. He sells and tunes them and has great tech support.
Call me if you have anymore questions.

Are the elbows that the turbo's are mounted to custom made or can they be bought somewhere?
I made the elbows with a 3 inch 90, V band, and a 4 bolt flange purchased at work turbo chargers. Only hard part is getting the 3 inch round pipe square to fit through the flange