87 GN TSO proven 8 second car


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Jun 18, 2001
Well my car is officially up for sale. While it will be difficult to see it go I need to make room for the new car. I've wrestled with the idea of upgrading the chassis on this car but it is really is to nice of a car to cut up for a 25.5 cert. so I've decided to sell it and build from scratch. The car is a true 35k mile GN and it shows like one. It has a full stock interior with pwr seat. The doors are manual with the beams cut out but I have the complete factory pwr doors with the sticker in storage if there is interest in them. Car has never had any rust and the paint and body are arrow straight with mirror deep finish. The car is well known and has been at just about every Buick event in the last 6 years. The car is currently at Extreme Automatics having the motor updated and freshened. Car will be ready for the GSCA NATS in BG in May.

The car will run 8.60-8.70's on just about any track on any day. Best ET is 8.55@162.54 but has been upgraded since and has more in it now. The car is a pretty consistent performer and has been the finals several times and has set low qualifier a few times. I would love to see the car continue in the TSO point series and would be willing to work with anyone interested in competing with it. The car is pretty much turnkey and very competitive as it sits. If I still have it by BG I will be starting the season with it.

153 On center S2 4.015" bore one sleeve no repairs or damage cross bolt front and rear
Pistons CP
Crank Billet 3.59 LA Enterprises
Crower Rods
Rollmaster timing chain
Custom Extreme AUtomatics billet roller cam
Smith Brothers pushrods
Champion GN1 Heads extensively modified by both Champion and Extreme Automatics. Heads have many many 8 second passes without cracking and on last inspection still have a clean bill of health. Heads have relocated exhaust port with extra material in crack prone areas. They are a custom casting from Champion have relocated spark plug location different CC and flow better than any other GN1 head I've seen or tested.
T&D shaft rockers
Champion intake
70mm TB
BHJ Balancer
JW Flexplate
Alum crank and water pump pulleys
Powder coated champion valve covers

Oil System
CAS Sheetmetal oil pan
-4an rear cyl head drain back
Duttwieller oil pump w extensive modifcations and custom coatings
Moroso oil accumulator
Moroso 3 vane vacuum pump with -12 lines alum reservoir and adjustable vacuum relief

Fuel System:
160# injectors
Weldon 2035 pump with pre and post filters
Triangle alum 10 gallon fuel cell
-12 line to pump, -10 to front -8 return
Weldon regulator
Accel Gen 7 engine management with Extreme Automatics tuning
Accel WBO2 controller and internal datalogger with NTK sensor

MSD Distributor
Moroso wires with sleeves
Accel DFI 6A ingintion box
Accel DFI coil

Electrical system
16 volt Powermater battery
16 volt powermater 140 amp altenator w volt xs regulator
Champion alt bracket
Flaming river big switch battery cutoff
Painless 50 alt relay
All gauges are located in the dash with custom dash panel and wiring. There has been countless hours spent on wiring this car and you will not find some rats nest behind the dash. Custom harnesses were made for the engine, dash and console switch panel. Everything has been very neatly done and everythign works. Gauges include tach, speedo, fuel pressure, oil, water temp, fuel level, trans temp, oil temp, volts, boost, programable shift light

PTE T4 4788
ATR headers modified for T4 turbo and plumbed for EGT probes jet hot coated
Tail 44mm wastegate
Custom 4" SS downpipe with 4" "muffler and turndown
Innovative MSBC (latest version) with CO2 control
CAS V1 intercooler

Cas custom race radiator
16" Spal fan with custom moutned shroud
B&M Mega trans cooler with -6an trans lines.
Aluminum radiator support

Extreme Automatics Stage 3 TH400
CSI carbon fiber shield
Cast alum deep oil pan
Vasco input shaft
Vasco main shaft
Billet alum Griner valve body and brake with custom Extreme automatics programing
Custom variable stall controller set to turn on and off with Accel Gen 7
Billet alum spragless direct drum
Custom 2.10 gear set
Much much more done plus some other billet parts I'me sure I've forgotten. Trans will easily hold over 2000hp
Bradco alum back half bolt together TQ converter
MW Chrome moly driveshaft
B&M shifter with custom shifter plate for console

9" Ford brack braced with powder coated housing
Strange Nodular Iron HD case (not the cheap one)
Moser 35 spline spool and axles
5/8 Wheel studs
MW billet yoke
Billet alum pinion support
3:70 street gear

Factory powermaster
Brass proportioning valve
Wilwood 10.75 lightwieght brakes
TCI line lock
11" Ford rear disk brakes I have all the parts for the e-brake but they have been removed

Front Suspension:
TRZ upper and lower control arms
S10 manual steering box
QA1 coil over kit with revalved shocks and dyno sheets
Qa1 linear rate springs (Not the stupid variable rates that come in kit)

Rear Suspension:
QA1 rear coil overs with custom valving and dyno sheets
QA1 linear rate springs
Wolfe upper and lower adjustable control arms with spherical upper control arm bushings.
HR parts rear snti-roll bar

Glass hood with finished underside
Glass bumpers and bumper fillers with factory bumper strips
NOS headlight bezels and grille
Alum bumper supports
Stock wheel tubs with MILD frame notch
Certified till 2010 8 point cage
RCI belts and window net
Safecraft fire supression system
Simpson Chute with removeable mount
One piece front spoiler with ram air intake

Weld magnum 15x3.5" one piece billet fronts
26" MT ET fronts
Custom 15x10" Weld magnum rears w polished centers and ARP 12pt polished SS bolts and SS recessed cap screws for rim screws
28x10.5 S MT ET slicks with tubes

While that is quite a list of parts I can't start to explain the amount of time effort and money that has gone into making it all work. I am asking $42k which I feel is a very reasonable price for a car of this caliber. I am only selling this to finish my other car, if there is no interest I will simply keep it and scrap the other project. I will consider low milage TR and TTA trades. Will consider other trades but no projects, race cars, or $20k 100k mile GN's.


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I've seen Chris' car and its ever bit as nice as he says guys this is one helluva deal. GOODLUCK Doc.
Awesome car!!!!!

Hey Chris, how are you doing?? It's Mario from NY, don't make me go up there again so you can send me home empty handed
"again" :D . Hey, this is one hell eva car. That pic does nothing to show how nice this car is in many ways. I can vouch for the wiring in this car, Chris did an awesome job. This time around I'm broke, so I wont be coming by offering you more than what you are asking. But good luck man. Give me a shout/pm when you get a chance.
Hey Chris, long time no see. I know your car and know it has all the good stuff. We go back to Chi Town Era and I bought some parts from you in the past. You alway present the information honestly on everything you sell. So buyers heed this as this is a great car. Good Luck Selling it. Thanks Again. Gene Bommer Minneapolis, MN.
Very clean stage car and I agree on price, Its worth every penny. Good Luck Chris
:rolleyes: Well excuse me for asking....

Is my for sale ad really the appropriate place to ask questions about someone else's car?

Yes that obviously is Jack's bright orange regal behind mine. I can see how you may have been confused since there are SO many bright orange TSO cars out there. The pic was taken at the BPG nats in Columbus in 2007 during TSO qualifying.
Shawn, thanks and I'll see you soon in bg:biggrin:

Mario, thanks and my wife is still pissed at me for turning down your generous offer. Timing just wasn't right then.

Gene, nice hearing from you again. Glad to see you're still at it. I still miss Chicago.

Thanks for the comments guys. All PM's have been replied to. The car will be at BG barring a sale.
Interior pic

The dash has been upgraded with GNX style gauges. This is an older pic but still looks the same,


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Here is a close up pic of the rear rims to show how the rim screws are recessed ss button heads and the bolts were replaced with 12pt polished ARP. We also took off the awful gold anodize weld puts on the Magnum wheels and polished the centers.

I also have a second set of 15x10's done the same way with a brand new pair MT 325/50 DR's mounted on them.


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Is my for sale ad really the appropriate place to ask questions about someone else's car?

Yes that obviously is Jack's bright orange regal behind mine. I can see how you may have been confused since there are SO many bright orange TSO cars out there. The pic was taken at the BPG nats in Columbus in 2007 during TSO qualifying.

OMG get a back bone already. :rolleyes: Didn't know it was so wrong to ask a friendly question regarding the picture, my bad. Oh well best of luck getting $42k.
Someone will unload $42k or close to it, if they really want an honest clean stage 2, 8 sec GN,a nd they have what it takes to drive a 1200+hp car on little tires. These cars are not for everyone. They are to fast and scare the crap out of most people just wanting another fast car. If I had the money, heck I would take it, just to have this beauty.
If I win the lottery tonight I know where my first $42K is going;)

I've seen this car up close many times at the EA shop and at the Buick races. Not only is this car a great race car, but it can also be a great show car.
Usually it's hard to be both...but this car pulls it off!

T T T for ya!
You couldn't build this car today for twice that amount. This car is an example of: "Going Fast With Class" Think of all the Chevy's this car will put on the Trailer, maybe some Fords thrown in for good measure. He He Gene PS. Chris can fix the back bone too!
Car has all new GM weatherstripping and is pretty tight. Windows don't pop out till 158mph:biggrin:
New motor is together and should be up and running by next weekend. Thank you Dan at DLS for the custom CP pistons and getting them in short order.

Should be at BG and Norwalk. If car doesn't sell I will be putting motor and everything under the hood up for sale after the Norwalk race (including fuel mgt, wiring, ignition, headers, turbo, downpipe, IC etc). Inquire if interested.