Team Banana's Twin Turbo LS Gbody

Not sure yet. If my buddy Gordon gets time I would like to have him do it and if not then Smith's Radiator.
That is the guy that built the radiator that is in mine and Tim's car. It should only take a day or two. I already have all the aluminum 3inch pipe.
I would if I could weld aluminum. I talked to Mark Jackson about it but forgot to get his phone number when we left BG
Rpm transmission is having the motor built for us by the guy that builds all of his. I hope to have it soon but we are going to use the 180,000 mile mock up motor to get the tune close
Cold side piping
Where's the boost controller?

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Where's the boost controller?

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In my car. I had a 16 pin plug made with a quick release so that we can swap back and forth.
Buying a bottle and 2 solenoids was cheaper than 2 ams 1000's. What is up with all the hot Asian girls in your google ad? You been checking out Asian porn?
Expected Et and fuel type?
Looks great so far. Full exhaust too?
Thanks a lot!! No exhaust. We are going to run Rocket 118 racing fuel. I am hoping for 8.50 or better in true street trim. It is just an experiment that we have to try. May only go in the 9's but I will post the results either way
Looking good Ronnie. I wish I had that much room under the hood. It seems like there is several X-racers going the LSX route. Here's a couple pics of my project. At 1st it'll be a hot air on E85. 408 LQ9 PRC LS3 heads 4L80E 3.73 rear. The exhaust is all custom stainless from the headers to the tailpipe. And before I get tossed for lack of the buick content the turbos are LT70s with the buick 3 bolt housings.​